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The Committee of the Organisation Féline Belge thanks you for your participation. We would like to remind you of some important points of our statutes in order for this day to take place in a convivial and recreational spirit.

Article 1. Entries

Only entries validly completed via the website will be taken into account. An invitation to pay will be sent, registration will be valid only after payment.

By its inscription, the exhibitor agrees to the present regulations.

When the quota of cats is not reached, no registration will be made after the Sunday before the show. Once the entries have been closed, any changes will be charged 5 €.

Article 2 Absentees - withdrawals

Cats absent on the day of the exhibition will not be reimbursed. Registrations are still due if the cancellation is made after the closing date.

Article 3 Veterinary control

Cats are presented to the veterinary control between 07:30 and 09:30. Cats rejected during the check-up will be denied access to the showroom. The registration fee will not be refunded.

Cats must be in order of vaccinations. The vaccination certificate (or European passport) is required. For foreign exhibitors, in accordance with European regulations concerning travel with pets, all cats presented must be in order of vaccination for rabies. As a result, no kitten aged less than 16 weeks from a third country can be presented at one of our exhibitions. The decisions of the veterinarians carrying out the control at the entrance will be final and without appeal.

Small dogs accompanying exhibitors are tolerated provided they pass veterinary control.

Article 4 Personal cages

The personal cages are grouped together.75 cm for 1 cat - 150 cm for 2 cats or 1 litter etc. A fee of 20 € will be counted for any exceeding of the authorized length. A check can be done on the day of the show!

It is forbidden to change place (or that of another) WITHOUT AGREEMENT of the club!

Article 5 Club Cages

The club cages are grouped together and are not mixed with the personal cages.

Article 6 Placing

Special requests for placement for health reasons will always be met. Special requests for placement for other reasons will be respected as best as possible

In view of Articles 4 and 5, it will not be possible to place exhibitors who have personal cages and exhibitors who have club cages next to one another.

Article 7 Pictures

The exhibitors agree to appear on the show's pictures and their publication on our website on our Facebook

Article 8 Behavior

The committee reserves the right to expel any person (exhibitor, accompanying person, visitor) who behaves inappropriately during the exhibition.The committee reserves the right to refuse registration / entry to any person who has behaved this way at a previous exhibition.